New faces

As it is nearing the time for our Pig to graduate we decided that we needed to get another piglet to keep him company and to keep the pork supply rolling! Josh’s aunty & uncle happened to have a weaner ready to be sold so we picked her up a couple of weeks ago and took her home. As this was around the same time that our pig vs chicken saga was happening we decided to keep her in a stock crate in the paddock until we had separated the animals – I didn’t think that 2 pigs vs chickens was going to end any better!

Once we had sorted the fence we let her out and after a bit of rough and tumble Girl Pig and Boy Pig were the best of friends! It’s really good having 2 of them – they are great company for each other.


Girl Pig – isn’t she cute!

We have also added to the collection 3 “pretty chickens” They are 3 month old black & white Plymouth Rock/maybe Wyandottes…the lady we got them from wasn’t 100% of the breed but they were close to home and looked pretty cute to me! We originally had 4 however we made the mistake of putting them straight in with our brown shavers –Β  they are a lot bigger than these guys and took the establishment of the pecking order very seriously resulting in the complete shock and shut down of one of them. The other 3 are doing really well now and after a week of living through the netting from the big chickens they are now all roaming around together. The big chickens certainly like showing them who’s boss though!

Finally standing still long enough to get a good photo!

Exploring their new home


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