We decided that it had been too long since we had new animals and there are only so many pigs and chickens you can have (well, I still think we need more chickens!) So next on the list was A KITTEN!!

We went to Paws 4 Life, a charitable organisation run by an amazing lady who takes in unwanted cats & dogs and takes great care of them until they can be adopted. Our intentions really were to pick one kitten and take it home with us…really! But after a lot of deliberation we ended up pre-adopting (they were still too little to take home) the cutest little brother and sister pair – it just would have been so mean to split them up right?!

A week later we picked up and took home Shifty and Simba.





They took a few minutes when we first got home to sniff around and scope the place out and after that it was play time! It was suggested to us that we try to limit their exercise to ensure that they grew fast…good luck with that! I’m sure you can imagine that trying to stop two 8 week old kittens from playing is about as easy as finding a needle in a haystack with a blindfold on! At least after about an hour of play they were zonked out.

Yep...they sleep like this!

Yep…they sleep like this!

We’ve had the kittens for a couple of weeks now and we LOVE them! They are gorgeous and if I’d had any doubts about getting 2 kittens I don’t anymore. They still love snuggling up with us but they are the best of friends and do a lot of serious rough and tumble! They are great at keeping each other (and us) entertained and so far, out of trouble!

And Simba just being cute

And Simba just being cute

Shifty being really helpful!

Shifty being really helpful!


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