Calving time

Aside from doing a fabulous job farming our little block, Josh also works on his parents farm. Lambing is all done and dusted but this weekend marked the beginning of the calving season.

I love helping out on the farm in the weekends…especially when I get to check out these cuties! This little girl was only a few hours old when we saw her.


IMG_6728 Continue reading


Raising Chicks – Week 4

The chicks have a new home! By this point last time we only had 4 chickens so there was plenty room in the coop but with 12 bodies in there, space was a little tight! Lucky for our chooks Josh had been hard at work building the cutest darn coop around!


The chicks are now between 530 and 600 grams each and are eating 70 grams of the Chick Starter crumble each per day. They have lots of feathers and we have turned the brooder off as they are capable of keeping themselves warm now. Continue reading

Spring has sprung!

I LOVE this time of year! The cold dark days of winter have gone and suddenly everything is coming to life again.

Our animals are looking great, we’ve had a few beautiful sunny (and even warmish) days, and things in the garden are beginning to look alive. The polytunnel is definitely proving itself – we even have our first red strawberry (my FAVOURITE!) which is amazing given that it’s only September!



Our oak tree has turned from a big gnarly brown stick monster into hundreds of green shoots within a week.  Continue reading

Raising Chicks – Week 3

Our baby chicks are not really babies anymore! They are mostly covered in feathers and some are starting to grow the combs on their heads. And if I’m being totally honest – they’re not particularly cute anymore either. Actually, they’re borderline ugly! They kind of look like mini chickens now as opposed to little yellow fluff balls.


They are growing fast, but all at quite different rates now. Their weights are really varied – from 280g – 400g. I’m not sure if some of them are faster eaters so are getting more food or if that’s just how they grow! Continue reading

Raising Chicks – Week 1

One week in and our chicks are growing fast! At 7 days old they are now weighing in at around 80-100 grams each and are sprouting (is that even the right word?) more feathers every day.

IMG_4049Over the week we have increased their feed from 6 grams each per day to 11 grams, to 18 grams. It seems like a big increase over only a week but it is still only half the recommended amount! We split the food into 2 feeds, 1 morning, 1 night to stop them from gorging themselves. Continue reading