Raising Chicks – Week 1

One week in and our chicks are growing fast! At 7 days old they are now weighing in at around 80-100 grams each and are sprouting (is that even the right word?) more feathers every day.

IMG_4049Over the week we have increased their feed from 6 grams each per day to 11 grams, to 18 grams. It seems like a big increase over only a week but it is still only half the recommended amount! We split the food into 2 feeds, 1 morning, 1 night to stop them from gorging themselves. They are drinking a lot more water – about 1.3 litres total daily – and we have been slowly raising the height of the brooder to start getting them used to cooler temperatures.

They go crazy when we walk in with their food, and as soon as we put it in their box, it’s first in best fed!

IMG_4064We have had to put chicken netting over the top of the box as we had a couple of escapees on Day 5 but other than that they have been pretty well behaved…with the exception of the overnight chirping that unfortunately keeps Josh awake at night while I seem to be able to sleep through it!

Overall they seem to be doing really well and are not too far away from being moved outside.


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