Raising Chicks – Week 2

13 chicks in the spare room right through the wall from our room got old fast! At the tender young age of 2 weeks old, our little chicks were moved outside into their new home.IMG_6620They now have more room to run around and they have learnt how to fly up onto the perch and balance. We’ve had a few nice days and they love snuggling up together in the sun.IMG_6621We are still feeding them twice a day and we have maintained the amount of food they are getting for the week (24 grams each per day). They’re now weighing between 200-250 grams each. They are so funny when we open the door to feed them – about half of them come racing out and follow whichever one of us is feeding them while we clean the feeders, while the other half stay in the coop, running up and down the wall trying to work out how to escape! They have definitely adopted us as their parents. IMG_4077They are getting more feathers all the time but they’re still pretty little and cute which is nice! It is also nearly impossible to get a good photo of them – other than when they are eating! IMG_6619


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