Raising Chicks – Week 3

Our baby chicks are not really babies anymore! They are mostly covered in feathers and some are starting to grow the combs on their heads. And if I’m being totally honest – they’re not particularly cute anymore either. Actually, they’re borderline ugly! They kind of look like mini chickens now as opposed to little yellow fluff balls.


They are growing fast, but all at quite different rates now. Their weights are really varied – from 280g – 400g. I’m not sure if some of them are faster eaters so are getting more food or if that’s just how they grow! They are being fed 55g each per day, still twice a day and are still really into their food.


Unfortunately we had our first casualty – one little guy got stuck under the feeder and completely dislocated his leg. There’s really not a lot you can do in that situation so we had to deal with that. Poor guy, but these things happen.

They have just about outgrown their current coop – 12 chickens in one little area is fine when they’re little but they’re starting to run out of room. Lucky for them Josh has been busy building a new coop – well, coop is a TOTAL understatement – watch this space!



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