Raising Chicks – Week 4

The chicks have a new home! By this point last time we only had 4 chickens so there was plenty room in the coop but with 12 bodies in there, space was a little tight! Lucky for our chooks Josh had been hard at work building the cutest darn coop around!


The chicks are now between 530 and 600 grams each and are eating 70 grams of the Chick Starter crumble each per day. They have lots of feathers and we have turned the brooder off as they are capable of keeping themselves warm now. They’re pretty cute and they all sleep together in a big feathery huddle! Their combs are far more pronounced and we think we can tell which are roosters and which are hens!


I still think they’re cute!

IMG_6636The move into the big coop was surprisingly uneventful. We put all the chickens in a bucket and just carried them up to the paddock. We kept them shut in the coop overnight and let them roam free the next day. They have a big fenced off area to scratch around in which they LOVE! We can totally class them as free range birds now.


Checking out the new place

IMG_6665Dinner time!


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