Raising Chicks – Week 5

I can’t believe the chicks are 5 weeks old already! And they are really starting to look like chickens now. They have had a major growth spurt this week. From weighing 600 grams each last week they are now weighing in at around 800-900 grams. IMG_6699

Over the week we increased their feed from 70g to 80g each per day. They are now eating NRM Meat Bird Crumble. The Chick Starter Crumbles were great when they were little as it is formulated to promote muscle, bone and feather development but the Meat Bird Crumble is full of protein and is specifically to aid rapid weight gain. Not that we are in the “fatten them up as fast as we can” camp but we don’t want to leave them too long either. We put a lot of thought and research into when we changed their feed over…just kidding…we ran out of chick crumbs! 

They are LOVING their new coop and the freedom that they have being able to roam around their little paddock. When we first moved them in we kept them shut inside at night until they were familiar with the new space. Watch here to see what happened when we opened the door for feeding time in the morning. You can hear the pigs in the background demanding their breakfast too!

The chicks are probably about halfway there now in terms of being ready to eat, but for now we are still enjoying watching them pecking around the paddock and turning into kamikaze chickens whenever we go near them!




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