Raising Chicks – Week 7

I have to admit, we’ve failed a bit at our chicken farming this week…well, not actually at chicken farming – just at documenting it! We were away over the weekend and as a result completely forgot to weigh the chicks or take any new photos of them…whoops! You’re really not missing out though…they look exactly the same…just bigger! At my guess they are probably weighing in at about 1.5kg each.

We have leveled out their feed supply this week. They will now continue to be fed 100 grams each per day. This seems to be a good amount as it is not so much that they are gorging themselves, but enough that they are continuing to gain weight at a reasonable rate.

I can tell you though that our guess of only one rooster in the bunch seems to have been wrong. There is at least one other…he has just been a little slower to develop!

They are still happily living in their little run and are absolutely loving their big fancy coop. I’ll leave you with this picture…hard to believe only 7 weeks ago they looked like this!



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