Raising Chicks – Week 8

I am pleased to say I was MUCH better at keeping track of the chickies this week! They are now 8 weeks old, weighing around 2kg and are HUGE!!


After deciding last week to plateau their feed we have upped it to 130 grams per bird, per day. While we don’t want to be funnelling food into them, this particular breed is designed to gain weight rapidly so we figured we should make the most of this. We don’t want to run the risk of leaving them too long and the meat becoming too tough.

We have 2 separate feeders in the paddock now as they are too big to fit around the 1 and go CRAZY when the crumbs are poured in. I’m talking extreme squawking, and full on attacking of each other…nicely though!




They’re not too bothered by the laying hens next door – they just occasionally check them out and keep them in line!


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