Raising Chicks – Week 9

Week 9 and we’re getting close to D-Day now! We weighed a few of the chicks and they are ranging from 1.8kg to a whopping 2.4kg! We’re not sure yet if we will go with an age or a weight when we “graduate” the chicks…watch this space!




They are all pretty happy except for one poor little hen. She had been limping around and we think she must have been stood on by one of us accidentally when we went up to feed them. I’m not at all surprised – the second you set foot in their paddock they are all over you. Trying to walk with 12 chicks under your feet is a hard task! Anyway, we have moved the poor girl into the smaller coop as she was getting left behind and missing out on food. She doesn’t seem to be improving but she’s happy enough just sitting in the sun all day so we will keep a close eye on her this week.


And if you remember our turkey intruder from a couple of weeks back – turns out she has made herself, and about 10 turkey eggs, quite at home (hidden away in the bushes)! Looks like we’ll have another lot of baby animals in a couple of weeks!



4 thoughts on “Raising Chicks – Week 9

  1. Carol Macdonald says:

    I like roast chicken

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