I can’t tell you too much about what was happening on the homestead this weekend as we had a rare weekend away. Josh had been looking for a 4WD ute for quite some time and he finally found one…only hitch was, it was in Christchurch. For those of you not familiar with New Zealand geography let me give you a quick lesson…we are in the top half of the North Island, Christchurch is almost halfway down the South Island!

And so we went on an adventure. Saturday morning bright and early we flew from Auckland (thanks to Josh’s amazing parents who took us to the airport at an ungodly hour) to Christchurch. We made the deal, dropped the old owner at his house and started our journey home. I always knew we lived in a pretty amazing place but I have a whole new appreciation for how beautiful our country is after spending the weekend driving about half the length of it.



IMG_7062Lunch with the seals at Ohau Point Seal Colony.

IMG_7066 IMG_7067

Malborough vineyards (excuse the reflections in the picture…it was really windy and I didn’t want to put my window down!)


The Interislander ferry from Picton to Wellington – we couldn’t have asked for a nicer evening for the crossing – totally calm and a beautiful sunset to top it off!



Back in the North Island appreciating the diverse and constantly changing landscape…




And the quirky things that make New Zealand so…well, Kiwi!




And finally after 36 hours and 1039km we made it home. Not a bad way to spend a weekend if you ask me!




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