Raising Chicks – Week 10

Given that the chicks (not that they are really chicks anymore) are pretty much fully grown I thought I’d share something different this week.

This is how we weigh them. In a bucket, sitting on my kitchen scales that are wrapped in a plastic bag. Genius!


It worked a treat when they were small…now they don’t really fit in the bucket and we have to hold them in while at the same time trying to not put extra weight on my little scale. Tricky! This guy weighs 2.8kgs.Looks like roast chicken to me!IMG_7153


Our poor little chicken with the broken foot didn’t make it. She wasn’t going to get any better, was spending all day sitting on the ground and was losing feathers from her underside so we put her out of her misery. The other 11 are about the same size as they were last week, they’re just plain getting fat now!

I think this weekend may be D-Day for the little guys. Josh has almost finished the chicken plucker (I’ll post on that another time!) so we are nearly ready to go…it’s going to be a big job. Last time we did 2 at a time. This time we have 11. Eeek! Watch this space.


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