A funny old week

We had a bit of an up and down week here this week.

Last weekend we “graduated” 3 of our biggest white chickens. More on this later but let me just say that Josh’s plucking machine is probably the greatest thing he’s built. What a time saver! We have 8 chickens left that weren’t quite big enough for our liking so they will wait for another week or 2. We have one rooster though who has suddenly decided that he would quite like to be a rooster…it is HILARIOUS! You know that scene in the Lion King where Simba is trying to roar and all the hyenas are laughing at him because it is so pathetic? That is pretty much what is going on with our rooster!



Speaking of Simba’s, I am sad to say that we had to get our little 6 month old kitten Simba put down on Monday. She’d been a bit sick on and off for a while and then she just decided to stop eating last weekend. A few blood tests later we found out she had FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) which is unfortunately incurable. It was incredibly sad but at least we know she isn’t feeling terrible anymore and she is running around in kitty heaven with her brother Shifty. It is also something that she would have been exposed to when she was younger so at least we know that we couldn’t have done anything to prevent it. But seriously, have we had bad luck with kittens or what?!

20141110_171438 (1)

On a lighter note it’s Friday and I’m at home! YAY! Tomorrow is my birthday and we are going away to Taupo for the weekend this afternoon (actually for Josh’s dads birthday) so I thought I would take today and Monday off and make it a super long weekend…why not right?!

Josh had a bit of work to do today so this is how I spent my day…may look like torture for some people but let me tell you – this is my happy place. Do you think it will be enough for the weekend? (I’m not totally crazy, there are about 10 of us going!)


Have a great weekend everyone!


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