Christmas decorating

I’ve just realised that I’ve been very absent for almost a couple of week now. Whoops! Lots going on here…weddings (not my own…yet!), end of year dance show rehearsals and just generally being busy around the house, in the garden and dealing with the mad end of year rush at work.

I also realised that unless I change subjects I am fast running the risk of becoming “that girl who only posts about chickens”. So here we go.

DIY Christmas decorations. SURPRISE!!

This is my absolute FAVOURITE time of the year. It’s starting to warm up, everyone is starting to wind down and it just has that exciting feeling about it. Oh, and my house smells MAGICAL because we have a real live Christmas tree.


One of my goals in life is to eventually have enough Christmas decorations to turn my entire house into Santa’s grotto. Yep, I have big dreams. But in the mean time I have been obsessing over Pinterest and thought I would share 2 of the best (and easiest) ideas I found….so far!

1) The mock fireplace.

432c9c0ffb3b50ccab5eaec44332adedCompletely irrelevant to our NZ summer Christmas but I saw it and HAD to have it in my house. All it took was 9 box lids, a lot of sticky tape and some A3 sized brick pattern print offs!

Finish it off with a few leftover baubles from the tree decorating and we are looking good. Complete with Christmas Goofy sitting on top!


2) The fridge snowman.

cb98ab2901e22d8582ed31333478dea4Again, completely irrelevant but I have to say, Christmas seems to be so much better suited to the Northern Hemisphere winter. I figured, why not have the best of both! And is this cute or what??

This was super simple too – black, red and orange paper cut outs and printable buttons stuck to the fridge with sellotape.


I’m thinking about giving these beautiful handmade Christmas trees a go next. Feel free to share anything you’ve done!

Happy decorating everyone!


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