DIY Batten Shelf

What do you do when you have a few days off work, the sun is shining, the garden needs to be weeded and the house needs to be cleaned?

Build a completely unnecessary, but extremely adorable shelf out of old fencing battens of course!

I had been feeling creative and collected a few old battens from up the farm a few weeks earlier but couldn’t decide what to do with them. I then saw a couple of beautiful coloured ladder type shelves in a shop next to my work…but with a price tag of $145 on them! So I thought, surely I can build one of those…and by “I” I mean Josh. 😀

And I was totally surprised by how easy it was! Ok, so it probably wouldn’t have been anywhere near as easy if I was attempting to do this on my own but lucky for me I have a clever DIY man around the house. And I was not going to turn down his offer of help.

Within about an hour and a half we went from this…


The frame

to this…


to this!

Complete batten shelf

We gave it a bit of a waterblast to wash off the wear and tear…I thought it added character but when we decided to put guest towels on it we thought we should clean it up…guests, you’re welcome. And just like that…instant super cute and actually quite useful shelf. All it took was about 12 battens and 30 screws at a grand total cost of around $5. Not bad for a bit of afternoon DIY!




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