Spice jar labels (with free printables!)

My pantry is chock-a-block. We never even used to have a pantry and as soon as we got it, it was overflowing. Like, literally, that day. Where did all that food even come from?? I need another cupboard!

Something that has recently taken over in my cupboard is spice boxes. I had the usual suspects – cinnamon, ginger and maybe some mixed herbs but lately I have become addicted to spices, putting them in or on almost everything. Ask Josh how impressed he was when I made a spice mix to go on fresh fish fillets…I’ll give you a clue. (He wasn’t!) But they were delicious! Even he thought so once he got over the shock of me trying to mess with his fish.

Anyway, my cupboard was starting to look like this.

Messy spice shelf

Not nice. It was messy, there were spices everywhere and I knew I could find a more practical (and cuter) solution. After trawling through Pinterest I found some ideas, then found and bought some adorable little glass jars.

And then came the labels. I am lucky enough to have a great design program at my work so I found this template and using the blank printables, found a font I liked and made little labels for the front and top of the jars – different shapes because I liked them both and couldn’t decide! And because I love them so much I want everyone to have them…here!!!

AND THEY ARE SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! Seriously, look at them!

Spice labels

Spice jars with labels

And look how tidy my pantry is! So much better than a million boxes spilling spices everywhere.

Tidy pantry spice jars

Only problem is, I am now slightly obsessed with labels and I’m pretty sure I will not rest until every item in my pantry is labelled. OCD much?


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