Friday Favourites

Woohoo it’s Friday! And to celebrate, here is the 1st edition of 5 Friday Favourites.

This week – my 5 favourite vegetables growing in my garden right now! Continue reading


Big girl camera!

I take a lot of photos. Not always good photos but I take them anyway.

I have a pretty fancy point & shoot camera. I can do fun stuff like this with it.

Gothenburg colour accent

I’d been thinking about upgrading for a little while, so I borrowed the camera from my work thinking it would probably be too much for me/that I wouldn’t be that impressed and would go off the idea.

So I took a few comparison shots using the same settings on both cameras. And this happened.  Continue reading

DIY Coffee Body Scrub

Ok, so this is kind of cheating a little bit…this is NOT something you eat. Although you could. But it would be gross.

But even though this body scrub is not something I would keep in the pantry, it’s definitely something I would buy. Plus all the ingredients come from my pantry, so I figure it counts as part of the homemade challenge.

I first made this at Christmas for our mums. It smelt and looked SO good that I had to make a jar for myself. I also made little labels for the jars to add to the cute factor. I can’t help it!

Coffee Body Scrub (1)

I found the recipe here and just adjusted it slightly. I used coconut oil instead of olive oil and added a little vanilla extract because it smells good! Continue reading

The best I’m going to get

I’ve wanted a horse for as long as I remember. I think it is every country girl’s dream. And for as long as I remember I was told the same thing. Variations of no. In fairness to my parents they were always happy to drive me down the road to ride with a friend, but it just wasn’t the same. But it was ok, I knew that as soon as I moved out of home, I would get one.

Well let me tell you, 20 years later I am asking the same question,  just to someone else but for some reason the answer is still the same! I’m certain my Dad has been secretly schooling Josh. He may even have a book. It would be called 1000 ways to say “no Laura, you can’t have a horse.”

I think this is the best I’m going to get. Anybody have a spare wine barrel and saddle I can borrow?


We built a swing

I’ve done it – the Kiwi Country Girl is officially in action…are you all still there?? I hope so!

This is my sister Rachel.


We had a cute sister day on Saturday. We made waffles and iced coffees and sat out on the deck in the sun.

We made a swing (1)

Then we both looked at the big old oak tree in the paddock. At approximately the exact moment she was thinking “a swing would look really good in that tree” I said it.

We’re kind of in tune. It’s a sister thing. Continue reading

Homemade Hummus

Before the recipe post…guess what? I’ve changed my name!

Not my actual name of course, just the blog name. Like it? I think it’s more…well, me!

I’ll be changing the URL (website address) in the next couple of days too – it will become – I will be posting on Tuesday about building a swing so if it doesn’t come up please come and find me!

Recipe post time!

Today I made hummus.

I want to dip carrots in it. I want to put it on crackers. I want it on toast. And I definitely ate some straight off the spoon.

It’s that good. Continue reading