January Round-up

I love summer. I love every single little thing about it. I love getting out of bed in the morning and not being cold. I love the beach. I love how many vegetables are growing in my garden. I love the sound of cicadas and the feeling of being so hot that you almost can’t stand it. And I love the ice-cream and cold drinks that make it all better!

This month we’ve been busy around here.

I harvested my first ever crop of garlic.


We started to harvest our summer veges. Lots of beans, plenty of strawberries, the first new potatoes and the start of zucchinis, tomatoes and cucumbers.

TomatoesZucchini flower

Vege harvest

We ate lots of meals outside! Weekend breakfasts are my favourite.

Summer breakfast

Followed closely by BBQs.

BBQ dinner

We ate our first ever entirely home grown dinner – pork chops with beans and potatoes from the garden (they’ll get more exciting!) It was DELICIOUS! And so satisfying knowing we were totally responsible for the whole thing!

First home grown dinner

We built this adorable shelf and started on a new chicken coop. Because 2 isn’t enough…

The new coopAnd spent time at the beach. We’re so lucky that we are so close to this beautiful spot.


I ate a lot of real fruit ice-cream. Like, a LOT! But I figure, there is so much fruit in it that it’s gotta be good for you right? 😀

Real fruit ice-creamI went strawberry picking with some of my workmates

Picking strawberries

and froze plenty of them to keep me going through the winter. And yes I’m aware that makes me sound like a bear. And I like it 🙂

Freezing berries

And as you do in summer, we have enjoyed some beautiful sunsets (which the camera never seems to do justice!)


January has been a great month and I am so glad that we still have another couple of months of nice weather yet…but here’s hoping we get some rain in there too as it is veeeeery dry!

How has January been for everyone else? Cold for a lot of you I bet!


4 thoughts on “January Round-up

    • Laura says:

      That’s perfect timing then! We’re in New Zealand so right in the middle of summer…although I woke up to pouring rain and howling wind this morning…we can get 4 seasons in 1 day anytime of year! Where are you based?

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