Big girl camera!

I take a lot of photos. Not always good photos but I take them anyway.

I have a pretty fancy point & shoot camera. I can do fun stuff like this with it.

Gothenburg colour accent

I’d been thinking about upgrading for a little while, so I borrowed the camera from my work thinking it would probably be too much for me/that I wouldn’t be that impressed and would go off the idea.

So I took a few comparison shots using the same settings on both cameras. And this happened. 

Old camera.

Rach point and shoot

New camera. Oh boy.Rach DSLR

And this. Old camera.

Cookie comparison (2)

New camera. Seriously, are they even the same cookies? (They are.)

Cookie comparison (1)

And this. Old camera.

Flower comparison (2)

New camera. Check out those COLOURS!

Flower comparison (1)

This was the point where I realised I needed a new camera. Not wanted. Not just thought it might be a nice thing to have one day. I NEEDED one!

And I was going to be so good and not just rush out and buy one…but then there was a camera sale. And I bought one. (Don’t worry, I really had done my research!)

For those of you who are interested I bought a Canon EOS 600D DSLRWay too much camera for me to handle right now, but plenty for me to grow into. And for those of you who know more than I do about photography (i.e. everyone) feel free to pass on any tips!

So now I am a big girl with a big girl camera. A big girl camera that I know absolutely nothing about how to use properly. Watch this space.

Big girl camera

Sorry old camera, I think we need to go our separate ways.


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