Friday Favourites

Woohoo it’s Friday! And to celebrate, here is the 1st edition of 5 Friday Favourites.

This week – my 5 favourite vegetables growing in my garden right now!

1) Baby carrots

Friday favourites (3)

I have a bit of a soft spot (ok, mild obsession) with things that are smaller than they are supposed to be. Baby carrots included. They’re so CUTE!

2) Chioggia beetroot

Friday favourites (2)

They have pink & white stripes. Enough said.

3) Gherkins


I am one of those weird people who loves gherkins. I eat them right out of the jar. So I grew them. And grew them. And grew them. I even grew a Siamese gherkin. And now I have enough jars of pickles to last at least 5 years. Recipe coming soon.

4) Pumpkins

Friday favourites (4)

I love that pumpkin are one of those rare vegetables that cross over into the sweet world too. Pumpkin spice muffins, come at me! Plus they take over completely and it’s like a little treasure hunt trying to find them hiding in there! We planted a couple of pumpkins this year but I don’t remember exactly what they are. They will be surprise pumpkins 🙂

5) Weird tomatoes

Friday favourites (1)

Tomatoes can be a bit hit & miss where we are but that didn’t stop me going crazy with the seeds this year. And along with the regular round red ones, this is what I got! Josh said it was ugly. Josh’s mum was more polite and said it was interesting. I think it’s beautiful! It came from a mixed bag of seeds called “Rainbow Blend” so it really could be anything.

What are your favourite veges to grow? Trying anything new this year?


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