The Easiest Homemade Vanilla Ice-cream

Vanilla ice-cream (9)

I realise I’ve been on a bit of an ice-cream kick lately with my strawberry ice-cream and now this but I’m holding on to summer for as long as I can. {Yes, I’m that girl in the office who wears sandals even though her toes are about to break off just because she’s stubborn.}

I’m a big fan of making ice-cream at home but I’ve never found a vanilla ice-cream that I love. They’re all custard based/use 5 egg yolks/require cooking or are just plain complicated and taste weird. I mean they’re good, but they just don’t have that soft, creamy consistency of the store bought ice-cream that I love so much. Continue reading


Friday Favourites {even though it’s already Saturday!}

I’m a big breakfast eater. During the week I go for quick and easy things like this muesli (or variations of this, more recipes coming soon) and coffee. But when Saturday morning rolls around I like to spend a little more time making something special.

Here are my 5 favourite weekend breakfast ideas {along with some recipes that I can’t WAIT to try!}

1. Pancakes


I would eat pancakes every day if I had the time. Especially these pumpkin chocolcate chip pancakes from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

2. Breakfast shakes


Super easy, but something a little different. I LOVE the look of this chocolate peanut butter banana breakfast shake from Cooking Classy. Continue reading

Kiwi speak volume 1

Time for a lesson in Kiwi Speak. Also known as the weird words I say. Useful if you are planning on visiting New Zealand or if you have ever read something I wrote and thought…whaaaaat? Alternatively, if you’ve just stumbled across this and realised that you’re about to read a post about jandals I’m sorry. Please keep reading!

Lesson 1 – Jandals

These are jandals.


You may know them as thongs, flip flops or sandals. I hate to break it to you but they’re not. They are jandals. And if you are ever in New Zealand, this is what you should call them. And what you should wear on your feet. In ALL weather. Trust me.

Did you know (and I did not know this) that the word jandals comes from an abbreviation of Japanese sandal?

I have a love/hate relationship with this photo of my jandals. Continue reading

Slow cooker chicken stock

Homemade chicken stock (4)

If there is something I love, it’s making something awesome out of nothing much. It’s so fun! So chicken stock was a no-brainer. Since we started raising our own chickens to eat, we’ve been eating a whole lotta roast chicken. But you’re left with the whole body and I’m starting to get all sorts of caught up in making sure it all goes to good use. A lot of work goes into raising those little chicks and I don’t want it to go to waste! I’ve been freezing the carcasses and I made stock using 2 birds at once as my slow cooker is plenty big enough.

I was a bit skeptical about making my own chicken stock – it seemed like a lot of work when it’s so convenient just buying the little powder cubes and using them when I need them. But making chicken stock is actually easier than getting into one of those fiddly foil wrapped cubes. I’m serious. Continue reading

Friday Favourites

Happy World Happiness Day!


Yep apparently it’s a thing. I have no idea who comes up with these “days” but every morning on the radio station I listen to they announce what particular day it is. Today is also ravioli day, world storytelling day and kiss your fiance day. Josh will be so excited. Ha.

Anyway let’s focus on World Happiness Day with my 5 favourite quotes about being happy.

Plot twist





Now excuse me, I’m off to kiss Josh, tell him a story, eat some ravioli and be completely happy about it. With a glass of wine.

Have a great weekend!

Real strawberry ice-cream {no ice-cream maker needed}

Fresh Strawberry Icecream (6)

In my world, ice-cream is the answer to everything.

Hot? Ice-cream.
Cold? Ice-cream.
Tired? Ice-cream.
Sad? Ice-cream.
Bored? Ice-cream.
Don’t know how you feel or what you feel like eating? Ice-cream.

This ice-cream has changed my answer from just ice-cream, to this strawberry ice-cream.

Hot? This strawberry ice-cream.
Cold? This strawberry ice-cream.
Tired? …

Ok, you’ve got the idea. This ice-cream is the answer to EVERYTHING.

If I had to choose only one ice-cream to eat for the rest of my life? This would be it. Continue reading