Kiwi speak volume 1

Time for a lesson in Kiwi Speak. Also known as the weird words I say. Useful if you are planning on visiting New Zealand or if you have ever read something I wrote and thought…whaaaaat? Alternatively, if you’ve just stumbled across this and realised that you’re about to read a post about jandals I’m sorry. Please keep reading!

Lesson 1 – Jandals

These are jandals.


You may know them as thongs, flip flops or sandals. I hate to break it to you but they’re not. They are jandals. And if you are ever in New Zealand, this is what you should call them. And what you should wear on your feet. In ALL weather. Trust me.

Did you know (and I did not know this) that the word jandals comes from an abbreviation of Japanese sandal?

I have a love/hate relationship with this photo of my jandals.


I love it because it’s sunny and warm and I’m wearing my jandals.

I hate it because I know that there are probably only a couple more weeks of jandal wearing weather before it gets cold.

I love it because it reminds me that in 2 weeks we are going to Vietnam and Bali so I will be able to wear jandals for an extra 3 weeks!

But then I really hate it because when we come back it really will be too cold to wear jandals. Unless you’re Josh and you wear them all year round. This is the kid who wore shorts in London in winter. Crazy.

And then I get excited because next time it’s warm enough to be wearing jandals it will be so close to the time that I get to wear them with a pretty white dress…eeeek!

But mostly I hate it because it’s my feet and feet are gross. Not just mine, I just have a thing about feet in general…Or rather, don’t have a thing about them…Have a thing where I don’t like them. You know. Feet are weird. Next.

Who knew a pair of shoes could cause so much confusion. Lucky that’s about as complicated as my life gets!

So in summary, they are jandals. And they are summery. #wordplay

And they are my favourite shoes.


Except for gumboots (I’ll tell you about them another time. Don’t get too excited. Ha!)


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