Friday Favourites {even though it’s already Saturday!}

I’m a big breakfast eater. During the week I go for quick and easy things like this muesli (or variations of this, more recipes coming soon) and coffee. But when Saturday morning rolls around I like to spend a little more time making something special.

Here are my 5 favourite weekend breakfast ideas {along with some recipes that I can’t WAIT to try!}

1. Pancakes


I would eat pancakes every day if I had the time. Especially these pumpkin chocolcate chip pancakes from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

2. Breakfast shakes


Super easy, but something a little different. I LOVE the look of this chocolate peanut butter banana breakfast shake from Cooking Classy.

3. Bagels


Bagels are not something I have attempted to make yet but these French Toast Bagels from Girl Versus Dough made me realise I need to change that!

4. Eggs Benedict


This is Josh’s all time favourite breakfast. I’ve attempted my own hollandaise sauce a couple of times but have yet to find the perfect recipe…I’ll let you know when I find it! Although this one from Lauren’s Latest looks pretty amazing!

5. Breakfast burritos


Again, breakfast burritos are not something I have ever made but I these ones from Natasha’s Kitchen have inspired me!

Now all this talking has made me hungry…I’m off to cook my second breakfast! Have a great weekend!


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