The battle of the white butterfly

There’s a war going on in my garden currently. It’s me against these monsters.

White butterflies (3)

All summer there were none. And now, right when my garden is at it’s peak there are approximately 7 million of the suckers.

They just flutter around looking pretty and then BOOM. They eat all my plants.

White butterflies (4)

White butterflies (1)

White butterfly 1. Laura 0.

And yes that is bug killer powder (Derris Dust) on the plants. My options were organic non-existent broccoli, or non-organic actual food on my plate. I was hungry.

Wanna know something great though?

They can’t get in here. Na-na-na-na-na butterflies.

White butterflies (5)

White butterflies (2)

Laura 1. Butterfly 0.

Now we’re even.


4 thoughts on “The battle of the white butterfly

  1. Margo says:

    Have you set this up so it automatically updates even when you are away?!!! How can you be writing about White Butterflies when you are away on holiday?!!!!! 😉

    • Laura says:

      Haha yeah I scheduled a few for while we are away as I can’t upload photos from my camera to my tablet! Will blog about the trip when we’re home!

  2. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    Kiwi ingenuity! I had the same issue in my tub garden earlier this year, I purchased some organic neem oil, put it in a spray bottle with water, sprayed my kale with a vengeance and it’s had no butterflies or bugs since ☺. Wish I had the room for something this awesome tho!

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