No-Bake Muesli Bars – and I’ve moved!

I have officially become a big kid blogger and have bought my own domain…woohoo!

This means that everything has moved over to – including today’s post for Vanilla Almond No Bake Muesli Bars!

Muesli bars (5)

I think I have managed to set it up so that you should still get updates but just in case, head on over to the new website and sign up to get all new posts delivered to your email. I’m not sure if the posts on the new site will come up on the reader (if someone could let me know if they are or not that would be hugely helpful!) and I’d hate for us not to be able to keep in touch! =)

I’m slowly trying to work out the technical side of the new site and will hopefully be able to set it up to make it more user friendly…and prettier!

Any advice/feedback will be happily received!


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