The battle of the white butterfly

There’s a war going on in my garden currently. It’s me against these monsters.

White butterflies (3)

All summer there were none. And now, right when my garden is at it’s peak there are approximately 7 million of the suckers.

They just flutter around looking pretty and then BOOM. They eat all my plants. Continue reading


March Round-Up

Even though March is technically the first month of autumn it is usually still pretty amazing weather and this year was no exception. We’ve had a real Indian summer with super warm days and lots of outdoor adventures.

We had a teeny window of opportunity to pick blackberries on the farm – we haven’t had much rain all summer so there weren’t too many but I got enough to go with our ice-cream! And just as well I remember how scratched up I got last year so piled on the layers. It was hot. But worth it! Continue reading

The Cutest Coop in the West

Josh is one of those guys that can pretty much do anything. He changes the oil in my car, he cuts down trees, he kills spiders and cooks the best burger. He is also a ridiculously good builder.

A couple of years ago when we got our first chickens he built a coop out of old off-cuts. He had never built anything before in his life and made this.

Original coop

About a year later we needed another coop to keep some of the chooks separate and he completely blew me away with the world’s most adorable coop!


And a few months ago he decided to upgrade the original coop and build something straight out of the wild west. Continue reading

February Round-Up

February is one of my favourite months. It’s by far the best weather wise and everyone is still in that really relaxed, “it’s summer!” mood. It’s usually a pretty sociable month too which is always fun.

I got to hang out with 2 of my favourite people, Josh & my friend Amy at another friend’s wedding, and we crossed off the “1 year til our wedding day” mark on the calendar…YAY! The countdown is on…kind of! Continue reading