The Laying Hens

We got our girls (brown shavers) in July 2013 and we love them! Originally we had them in the run (2m x 3m) but now they are free to roam around the paddock all day and put themselves away at night. We’re very lucky here that we don’t need to worry about predators so they are very happy chickens and it shows in the delicious big free range eggs that we get! These are currently the only “pets” we have and that earns them the privilege of being given names that aren’t just what they are. We have Ruby & Rosie, Lady & Lila, Wilma & Betty 3 left, and have no idea who is who! 2 were eaten by the pigs and one other just wasn’t pulling her weight…it’s tough around here!


Last year we bought what we thought were new laying hens – they were Barred Plymouth Rocks. Unfortunately they started to crow. Turns out they weren’t hens at all! We ate them.


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