Hatch Day

We have babies! Little feathery babies that look like they could be closely related to penguins, but babies nonetheless! And it happened FAST!

I got home from work and went to have a little peek, spotted half an eggshell in the corner and heard a little “cheep cheep cheep” and there was our first hatched chick! Within an hour there were 3 more and in a couple of days we were the proud parents of 12 little chickys! I can’t explain how exciting it was after waiting for almost 3 weeks and being able to see them breaking through the shells! We left them in the incubator for about 24 hours to give them time to dry out and rest up in the warmth before moving them into their new home under the brooder.

IMG_7217Unfortunately 2 chicks didn’t hatch but I think 12/14 is a pretty good strike rate with incubated eggs. They are all black or dark grey except for this little grey one – I think he is the other breed!


We also have one little guy who is way smaller than the others and hasn’t been that interested in food or water. We found out that chicks don’t actually need food or water for up to 60 hours (or thereabouts) after hatching as the yolk they absorbed will keep them going. He has started showing a bit of an interest in the food and water tonight, so we will keep an eye on him and hopefully he starts growing!

They are so funny and strangely enough (I know, I turn more into a crazy chicken lady more each day!) they already have way more personality than the other chicks we have had before. I think the fact that we will be keeping them (the girls anyway) for layers and knowing that we will take them the whole way through makes me like them even more.


They are the biggest time wasters. I could actually sit and watch them for aaaaages! Little cuties.



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